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SEO is a big challenge for every internet marketer or website owner.It is the common way to get traffic and then sales for every website , the dream of some webmasters is to get ranked first in search engines for a good keyword  , However , behind any success business there are a hard work. If you want to improve your
SEO , you have to follow the right approach.
In this SEO tutorial , I tried to collect the most important and useful SEO tips  (please if you know any useful information , we are happy to read it in your comment) .




1-Keyword is the key :

Before starting your website or blog  , when choosing a subject , ask this question : does people love this topic ? how many people use search engines to search for this topic ? these are the most important questions before starting .To answer these questions , we use keyword research , this will help you to find the best keywords that will convert the biggest number of targeted visitors. In fact , there is a big business behind this industry , when surfing the internet , you will find a big number of payed tools for keyword research and analysis such us MarketSamurai . there are also some free tools that are useful for small websites and blog like Google adword .Anyway , If you find a keyword that have a big traffic with lower competition , then this is the right keyword .
For more informations check this useful infography Illustration from our pinterest account : 

2-Choose the right domain name : 

your domain name must include the main keyword of your website , must be relatively short , It's better  if you choose a .com domain ( search engines love this extension than any other ) , also your website will look professional if you buy the domain for a long period ( more than 2 years ).
The title and description must contain the important keywords , they will tell the search engine the topic of your website.(for more informations , read our article How to add Meta Description to Blogger Blog)

3-Focus on the content :

Well written,clear and useful content will certainly drive traffic and show to search engines that your website is important.
Do not copy and paste , try to add your important keywords with a natural way in your paragraphs , focus on heading  , also highlight your keywords with strong or em tag , search engines will give the priority to these words in their search algorithm.
Do not forget internal links , this will help the user to get around your site and improve your search ranking as well.

4-Optimise your images :

 Adding an ALT value and title to your images will optimise your SEO ,  when you search on google images , the rank of these images depend on  these two the ALT attribute, it's better if you add one of your keywords but do not repeat this in all your images as you will be considered as spam . in the title , add a short description about the image.

5-Link Building :

The Onpage SEO strategies mentioned above are very important and you should focus on it carefully .However , you have to know that the main factor to improve your search ranking  is Offpage SEO , called also Link Building , in other words , the number of links in other websites that link to your website. Search engines like google will consider your website as important and useful of they found links to it in other websites.

There are many ways to get backlinks, including : submit your website to social networks(facebook , twitter , pinterest , digg  , stumbleupon , Reddit ...) ,  Comment on Blogs and leave your website URL , Post on forums , Ask other websites to link to your .....

Link Building depends on many Factors :
 *The anchor text : this is where the visitor click to enter your website , put your keywords as anchor text , do not repeat , you will be considered as spam.
 *Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow : Dofollow links are clickable and counted as backlinks , so focus on websites that are dofollow .some people think that Nofollow links are not useful at all , and this is not true , Nofollow links could also improve your rank.
 *The page rank of the website that link to you has an important effect on your rank , If you can get a backlink from a website with PR5 , this will boost your rank.
 *IP of websites that link to you is also considered by search engines.

6-Build a strong social strategy : 

Social media marketing  is a great method to promote your website  and get links. build facebook page , google plus page for your website and also focus on twitter tweets . The infography below wil help you to understand better this concept :

I hope these informations would be helpful to you to understand the importance of SEO , please leave your comment :)
SEO Tutorial
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