How to host wordpress for free using Appfog

AppfogIn this tutorial , we are going to learn how to install and host wordpress for free using Appfog.

Appfog is a cloud service that support several development platforms including wordpress,Django,Ruby On Rails,Drupal,Java....

It's a powerful solution especialy for beginners developers. you don't need to install wordpress on your computer anymore. Just follow the steps below and you will see your wordpress blog on the web in few minutes :

1- Go to and click sign up :

Afer filling out the required fields  click submit and then go to your Email inbox and click on the verification link.

2- Go to Login section , enter your email and password , Click 'Login' :

3-After signing in , you will be directed to your Dashbord : Where you can manage your applications. Click on the 'Create App' Button as shown on the image below :

4-Now , It's time to enter your application details .First , choose your application from the list (In our case : wordpress) , Then the page will scroll down to the infrastructure section which contain 6 infrastructures for Cloud storage , Including Windows Azure , Amazon web Service (AWS) ,hp OpenStack .choose one of these services :

4-In the buttom of the same page, you will find 'Choose a subdomain' , this is the subdomain of your blog , you can change it later to a custom domain , Enter your subdomain and click 'Create App' as shown below :

5-After creating the application  , you will be directed to a page like this :

This is where you can manage your application : add a custom domain , change memory setting. But, we will focus on the 'visit live site' and  'download source code' options .

'download source code' allows you to download the application (wordpress) .

To complete the wordpress installation , click on 'visit live site' :

Now, you can see the wordpress installation home page , add your site title , username , password , Email Address and click Install .  A success page with Login Button will be displayed :

Click 'Login' , Enter your username and password and confirm.


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